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Hunting at night just got easier and more affordable than ever! Get your hands on a superior tool for the professional pest controller who can get great results exterminating vermin and troublesome predators at night. Military Grade Technology available at an insane price.

We open up a whole world of opportunities for hunting at night for the experienced hunter , making night hunting easier & more enjoyable , and giving you a higher success rate when exterminating vermin from your property.

Exterminate Vermin Predators from Your Property!

Hunt Without Alerting Game

Prevent Property Damage

Safeguard Your Land & Family

Take Control of Your Property!

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Vermin damage affects 1 in 4 property owners in the United States. Our Night Vision Hunter™ Scope V4 allows you to operate at night without alerting game to your location or even to your presence, this makes hunting at night so much easier than when using visible light as your quarry can grow accustomed to the light from a normal lamp and learn to shy away from it. We open up a whole world of opportunities for shooting at night, giving you a higher success rate, allowing you to enjoy hunting day & night, and also, helping you save thousands of dollars by preventing these pests from causing everlasting damage to your property. 

  Exterminate Vermin Predators from Your Property!

 Hunt Without Alerting Game
 Prevent Property Damage
 Safeguard Your Land & Family
 Take Control of Your Property! 

Hunters enjoy a 200-yard range of visibility with the infrared light on the scope. This scope does not provide your typical illumination; it utilizes cutting-edge infrared technology, which means it does not shine detectable light. Only the camera can see the night vision image. This allows hunters to stay as hidden as possible. The system also works amazingly during the daytime, simply remove the infrared light from your scope.  


INFRARED TECHNOLOGY OFFERS STEALTH: Infrared is not visible to naked eyes so you get complete stealth in the dark.

 HIGH DEFINITION SCREEN IMPROVES ACCURACY: Extremely high definition 5-inch screen that makes hunting in the night that much easier. Adjustable brightness and contrast to suit your needs. Crosshairs on the screen give you pinpoint accuracy on the target.

EASY TO USE: Our Night vision scope kit can be easily assembled on riflescope with simple operation. Instructions are sent via email for every order. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to set it up. It is really straight forward and simple.   

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Advantages Of Night Vision Scope

High-Definition Screen

Extremely high definition 5-inch screen that makes hunting in the night that much easier. Adjustable brightness and contrast to suit your needs.

Long-Lasting Charge

Our rechargeable battery lasts over 12 hours . The long lasting charge allows for easier night hunting & more enjoyable, and giving you a higher success rate when exterminating vermin from your property.

Incredible Stealth & Range

Hunters enjoy a 200-yard range of visibility with the infrared light on the scope. This scope utilizes cutting-edge infrared technology, which means it does not shine a detectable light.

What's Included?

SCOPE ATTACHMENTS: This product comes with multiple scope attachments and protective tape. Ideal for a wide variety of uses such as surveillance, nighttime hunting wildlife observation, and exploring caves.

1x Camera with Night Vision

1x Eyepiece Tube

1x Night Vision Screen

1x Night Vision Clamp

1x Infrared Flashlight

1x Protective Box